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  Friday, 08 06 2012
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  Friday, 18 05 2012
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Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb
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[Head of SMKN 3 Bandar Lampung] - We realize that the need of information technology will become something that must be met. This is not only because school wants to promote the school commercially, more than that we try to provide an information technology that will provide benefits to anybody; students, teachers and other visitors. This is the first step in shaping our character education in SMKN 3 BANDAR LAMPUNG that we will continue to develop in line with the progress of time. Hopefully, with this facility, all parties will get a touch of technology and positive benefits as well.

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Welcome to the Web Site of SMK N 3 Bandar Lampung, as one of secondary vocational school of tourism group which is in the progress of being an international standard school (SBI) in Bandar Lampung. We realize that communication is a very important aspect. Therefore SMKN 3 Bandar Lampung needs to make a Web Site to bridge the SMK N 3 Bandar Lampung to the global world and establish communication with the various parties and stakeholders anywhere.

We are very pleased to build a friendship with various parties and stakeholders, although not in face-to-face forum. The presence of this Web Site is designed to establish communication and information as a vehicle for students, teachers and graduates of SMK N 3 Bandar Lampung. Similarly, the parents or other various parties and stakeholders who need the information about the school as well as to make the communication with SMKN 3 Bandar Lampung.

The Web Site provides the school’s activities, profile, vision and missions, curriculum, facilities, school partners, competency test, video and gallery, extracurricular and other interesting information. We will guide you to learn more about the profile of SMK N 3 Bandar Lampung as one of secondary vocational school of tourism group projected to be an international standard school (SBI) in Bandar Lampung. We provide information and of course we also need the new information from various visitors, parties and stakeholders. Therefore we invite you to discuss and share ideas as well as experiences, on that purpose; our Web Site is deliberately completed with Guest Book and Forum.

Hopefully this Web Site can be a momentum in SMK N 3 Bandar Lampung and also provide a positive contribution to the development of education globally. Comments, suggestions and criticisms are expected for the progress of this web site. Thank you and we really appreciate all visitors have visited this Web Site. Congratulations and success for you all.


The Principal of SMK N 3 Bandar Lampung


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